​Barcelona Bikini​​

By: | 05/23/2010 07:12 AM ET

Barcelona bikini ban for tourists. Barcelona City Hall officials will begin a bikini ban by placing signs that suggest proper attire. It’s important to know that when visiting the city, must wear suitable clothing with shoes when walking the streets.

“In the coming weeks we are going to put up the posters in the metro, buses and in all public areas,” a city spokeswoman said. “We have designed a sign with the aim of dissuading both tourists and locals from moving around the town without their tops on, or in swimming costumes.” Apparently the area has a history of men and women walking around in tiny swimsuits. “And the mayor has sent letters to businesses, hotels, bars, restaurants … encouraging them to download the poster and paste on their walls,” the spokeswoman said.

The sign reveals a sketch of a man and a woman wearing swimsuits with a red line through it. On the right of the sketch is the proper clothing, with shoes, to wear when walking the streets in Spain. They made the sign simple so that no matter what country a visitor is from, they should be able to understand it.

The whole idea is to get people to dress responsibly because the Barcelona City Council feels that foreigners who vacation in Spain doesn’t know any better. Barcelona residents and shop owners are demanding a little respect. Although most people in town like the signs let’s hope, they don’t mistake them for something else.