Jack Culolias Body Found Near Tempe Marketplace

The body of Jack Culolias, the missing ASU student who disappeared last month, has been found near the Tempe Marketplace in the Salt River, not far from where he was last seen.

Arizona authorities believe the body is that of 19-year-old Arizona State University student Jack Culolias. Tempe police spokesperson Sgt. Mike Pooley said that the body was discovered near the location in which the teenager was last seen over two weeks ago. It was also near a spot where one of the teen’s shoes was found.

Pooley said that two private search groups had been out searching for the missing ASU student when one of the groups discovered a body floating in the water.

According to Pooley, when the body was pulled out of the river, it had one red shoe, matching the one found earlier said to be Culolias’.

Culolias had been last seen November 30th when he was kicked out of a Tempe bar during a fraternity party, he was believed to be drunk at the time.

Because the body had one red shoe it leads to the “strong possibility” that the body is that of Culolias, said police spokeswoman Molly Enright in a statement later Sunday. Pooley said that the county examiner’s office would still have to make a positive identification of the body, which was in the water for a long period, before confirmation of being the missing student was made.

Meanwhile, state officials confirmed last week that they were investigating the bar near ASU where Culolias was last seen. Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control officials said the agency is reviewing information from Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace over concerns of possible underage drinking.

It was believed that Culolias used a fake I.D. to get into the bar which was packed with 200 people during the schools “hell week,” in which students are initiated into fraternities. Prior to the disappearance, he had told his parent’s he was “scared” over his own impending initiation.

Police believe that as a drunk Culolias was making his way home on foot, he fell into the river and drowned. “There’s nothing to suggest foul play, it’s just a tragic, tragic incident,” Pooley said. “Our hearts go out to the family.”

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