​Boy Dies Ice In Lake: EMS Responders Rescue Boy From Freezing Lake In North Carolina

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January 12, 2021

A boy, 8, dies after breaking through ice in a lake in Salisbury, North Carolina. EMS workers started CPR in an ambulance at the scene before it headed off to Novant Health Rowan Medical Center, according to The Spreadit. A witness made the call about the boy falling into the ice lake to 911.

The incident happened in a pond at Elizabeth Holmes Hurley Park. The youngster, who had been at the park with two friends, was submerged in the icy water for at least 10 minutes, probably more, onlookers said as the boy dies in the ice. Many people felt helpless as they watched from the shoreline.

“EMS, coming to you … Go, go, go.”

This “boy dies ice in lake” story is trending Sunday evening. Lts. Brian Sebastian and Eric Bost, who works for the Salisbury Fire Department, used poles to poke through thin layers of ice while they searched for the boy. When the firefighters located the boy, they pulled him into a raft and were quickly pulled to a bank where an EMS crew and stretcher were waiting.

A small creek feeds the lake, which is located at the end of Hurley Park next to City Park off Lake Drive. Hurley Park is a garden park with trails, according to FOX News. The boy’s friends helped Salisbury Police officers in showing the approximate area where the boy had fallen in.

Chris Kepley of the Salisbury Fire Department said the incident hit her colleagues hard. When the boy was pulled from the icy water, he was not responsive. Kelley said three boys were playing near the lake when one of them walked onto the iced-over lake and fell through.

The boy who died in the ice in the lake was not being supervised. People in the area at the time told WSOC-TV Channel 9 they came down shortly after. One woman who did not want to be identified said she saw crews trying to locate the boy underwater for around 10 minutes.

“I just don’t understand, 8 years old. I mean, I know kids are going to play and they’re going to do stuff but honestly 8 is awful young to be playing by themselves,” she said.

Last year, a 13-year-old boy in north Georgia died afternoon after falling through ice into a similar lake. Joseph Attoh was with four other boys playing on a private lake when one of them fell into the water. It took 40 minutes for rescuers to find the boy, but he did not survive.

There are several stories about a boy who dies in the ice in a lake, and it’s becoming a trend, notes the Charlotte Observer. Authorities recommend staying away from the ice, even if it looks to be safe. Parents should supervise children who are playing near the frozen waters.

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