​Bradford Hans And Andra Resa Sachs Murder Investigation​​

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February 13, 2021

Bradford Hans and Andra Resa Sachs were found dead in their San Juan Capistrano home on Feb. 9. Police believe that the Sachs were murdered over bad business decisions, perhaps related to complaints about the couples’ company.

Bradford and Andra Sachs were found dead in their San Juan Capistrano home

The Orange County Sheriff is still investigating the scene where the Sachs were found dead. The residence on Peppertree Bend has turned into a crime scene. Police believe the double homicide might be business related.

Their eight-year-old adopted son, who has not been named, was seriously injured in the attack, which happened at about 2am. Legal proceedings and several complaints had allegedly been made about the couple, who ran businesses under several names. Although they were divorced, the couple still lived together in their San Juan Capistrano mansion, which they shared with their five children.

Andra and Bradford have two eldest children who were away at college at the time of the murder in the Sachs’ home.

However, their two teenage daughters, and the eight-year-old son, were at home.

Neighbors were shocked to hear that the couple had been killed, but customers who had rented property from the Sachs said they had experienced problems with them.

Ken Baum, who rents a commercial space from the couple, claimed that they changed their company name regularly and told him not to tell anyone who he was renting from.

“After we signed the lease, we gave them a check. They walked us outside, my son and I, and they said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t tell anybody you know us, you don’t know our names, you don’t know we’re here, we don’t exist’,” Baum told CBS Los Angeles.

“We were here for about a year and a half and they’ve changed business names several times. I couldn’t even tell you how people have come around looking for them, you know, due to whatever business dealings or money and something like that,” his son, Bryce Baum, added.

In 2011, Andra appeared on a list of California’s top tax avoiders, allegedly owing $1.15 million to the state. Bradford was never mentioned.

The following year, Andra’s name had been removed from the list, and she told Patch at the time: “The amount due is highly in dispute and contested.”

Consumer watchdog website Ripoff Report contained several allegations against The couple over disputed rental agreements and claims that they took advantage of Andra’s dying mother.