Britain's Oldest Smoker Dies - Winnie Langley Smoked for 95 Years

By: Susan Harris
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 13, 2021

Britain's oldest cigarette smoker dies at 102-years-old, after smoking for 95 years.

Britain's oldest smoker dies at 102-years-old. Winnie Langley, Britain's oldest smoker, dies after smoking cigarettes for 95 years. The oldest smoker made headlines on her 100th birthday after lighting a cigarette with a candle.

The London resident only recently gave up the bad habit when her failing eyesight made it impossible to see which end to light. On Langley's 100th birthday, she made headlines when she was photographed lighting a cigarette with a candle. "I have smoked ever since infant school and I have never thought about quitting," Langley said in a statement at her 100th birthday party.

"There were not all the health warnings like there are today when I started. It was the done thing," she said recently. Last year, she cut back from five cigarettes a day to just one. "The price keeps going up, so I've cut down to one a day. I am not that well," she stated. "My eyesight is very bad and I have to get someone to buy them."

Members of her surviving family paid tribute to her. "She always enjoyed a smoke and a drink," Anne Gibbs, grandniece, said in a statement. "She was feisty and stubborn, and she also had a wonderful sense of humor," Gibbs added. "She was incredible right until the end."