​Canada Day Terror Plot: Couple Wanted Terror With Bombs​​

By: | 07/06/2021 11:30 AM ET

Canada Day planners John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody attempted a terror plot to leave pressure cooker bombs at British Columbia’s provincial legislature. Police say they were self-radicalized and Nuttall had converted to Islam.

Authorities have been monitoring the pair for five months and the public was never at risk, but images from inside their home show a grimy apartment with stacks of religious readings.

The couple, who are both recovering addicts, were inspired by al-Qaeda ideology but were self-radicalized, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant
Commissioner James Malizia said.Images from inside their house in Surrey, British Columbia show cluttered surfaces, destroyed furniture, stacks of papers, methadone bottles and Islamic writings strewn throughout the home.

Friends called them recovering addicts whose religious views were growing more extreme .

Their landlord has told reporters how the couple lived a meager existence as their religious views grew more extreme, while friends explained how they had struggled with addiction in the past.

Neighbors said that Nuttall and Korody “wore traditional Muslim clothes or camouflage” and were into guns and paintball; a television in their home has been littered with paintball pellet holes.

Friends described Nuttall as a talented musician - who has posted songs online - but added that he had a “difficult personality” and battled substance-abuse issues.

“I think the closest thing to reality is that John was likely constantly frustrated with life, society, the world, and wanted to make an ‘impact,’ pardon the pun, with his life,” a former acquaintance told the Times Colonist.

Authorities say there was no evidence or indication to suggest a connection to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings in April, which used bombs made
from pressure cookers.

Police said the pair targeted the Canada Day celebrations, but the bombs were found outside the legislature before the crowds gathered.