Casey Anthony Cost For Trial and Investigators: $217K

Published: Sep 24, 2021

Casey Anthony now owes $217,000 for trial and to law enforcement agencies in central Florida, increasing the Anthony cost from the original amount of $98,000.

Anthony’s trial ended in July with an acquittal on the murder charge, but she was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of lying to authorities. The little girl’s body was eventually found near the family home. She originally told investigators that her daughter Caylee had been kidnapped by a babysitter.

She has also been sued by Texas Equusearch, a volunteer search group that said it spent $1,000,000 searching for her daughter Caylee.

Casey is now in hiding in Florida, where she is on probation for writing bad checks. A woman who happened to have the same name as the fake nanny has also threatened to sue her.

George Anthony, the estranged father, said he was disappointed with the jury’s verdict to his daughter’s acquittal on felony charges related to the death of his granddaughter.

Casey’s mother, Cindy, revealed on “Dr. Phil” that defense attorney Jose Baez told her, shortly before the murder trial, that Caylee had drowned.

“When he told me that Caylee had drowned in the pool and that Casey had panicked, my immediate reaction was relief for Caylee, because I know she didn’t suffer at that point. … I couldn’t believe that my daughter put us all through this and that she ruined her life, that she, for three years, did not come forward and say something,” Cindy told Dr. Phil McGraw.

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