Cathleen Miller Charged With Child Molestation

Cathleen Miller charged with sexually assaulting two boys. Chicago mom Cathleen Miller allegedly had sex with the boys who are ages 14 and 15-years-old and has been charged. Her daughter walked in on Miller as she was having sex with one of the boys.

Miller, 40, is accused of supplying her 14-year-old daughter’s friends with alcohol and marijuana, and having sex with them. The mother-of-three was allegedly engaged in sex acts with one of the boys when her daughter walked in on them. The boy subsequently apologized to her daughter on Facebook.

When his parents saw the apology message, they reported Miller to the police. Cathleen Miller allegedly molested the boys at her home between February and June, the local state-attorney’s office said. Her lawyer, Robert Olson, said Miller had not done anything wrong and that the boys had brought drugs and alcohol to her home.

Her lawyer also said that Miller was a victim of domestic abuse and had just separated from her husband. She also obtained a protection order for herself and her daughters against him. Olson also said that Miller’s husband “spit in her face, poured water on her and pushed her to the ground” last month. Miller remains behind bars, unable to post bail, which was set at $900,000.

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