​China Arrests 60,000: Drug Crackdown Users Arrested During 100-Day Drug Campaign

China conducted a massive police raid for drug-related crimes.
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Jan, 17, 2015 | 7:02 PM

The recent China arrests involving 60,000 people were part of a 100-day drug crackdown campaign that seized more than 11 tons of illegal narcotics. NBC News reports that the drug campaign “was part of intensified crime-fighting operations ahead of next month’s Chinese Lunar New Year.” On the streets, thousands were being arrested each day for drug use.

The arrests come after Jaycee Chan, the son of actor Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan, was given a six-month prison sentence. He was detained over the summer for drug use and hiring prostitutes. Chan has never publicly contested the charge, and his father has openly apologized over his detention.

Jaycee Chan arrested for drug use during 100-day campaign.

China seized 11 tons of drugs during its vast, multi-city sweep to clean up its streets. Thousands of raids were reported each day by Chinese news outlets as the government jailed lawbreakers. The ministry said earlier that around 180,000 drug users had been punished by mid-December, with 55,679 sent to compulsory rehabilitation centers.

Illegal drugs, especially synthetic substances like methamphetamine, ketamine and ecstasy, have grown in popularity in China in tandem with the rise of a new urban class with greater disposable incomes.

Authorities have stepped up efforts to combat drugs, teaming up with Laos, Myanmar and Thailand to try to stem the flow of drugs from Southeast Asia, even arresting a string of celebrities on drug charges to bring publicity to the issue.

Liu Yuejin, the director of the Narcotics Control Bureau, said the flow of methamphetamine was proving particularly hard to control. He suggested there could be 13 million Chinese addicts, more than four times the official tally.

Methamphetamine is reaching China from Burma and the Mekong delta in the south and from across the border with North Korea. Large quantities of methamphetamine produced in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, meanwhile, is shipped overseas.

Last year, nearly 170,000 suspects were detained for drug-related offences. This year’s campaign also shows a marked rise in confiscations from previous anti-drug efforts. A 50-day campaign in 2004 only netted around five tons of drugs, compared the 12 tons seized by authorities this year.

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