Chupacabra DNA Test Kentucky - Results Get Underway by State Officials

By: Rob Adams
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 28, 2021

Chupacabra DNA test Kentucky - Results get underway by state officials. Kentucky man sends DNA sample for test of the legendary Chupacabra. State officials will announce the identification and results next week.

Mark Cothern of Nelson County said he shot the animal when he spotted it wandering on its farm, WKLY-TV, Louisville, Ky., reported Monday.

"Well, it's something strange, so I got my rifle to shoot it, get a closer look. And I'm glad I did, 'cause I don't know what it is," he said.

Cothern said he sent the remains to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife for identification. A DNA test is scheduled for early next year, he said.

Locals have compared the animal to opossums, raccoons and legendary Chupacabras, hairless beasts rumored to suck the blood out of livestock.

Laura Higgason with the Humane Society and Animal Control of Nelson County dismissed the idea of a Chupacabra.

"It's a coyote with mange, come on. And of course, this animal is too small to be a coyote, but I saw the photos and it looks like it's probably a raccoon or an opossum with mange. It's not a mysterious animal," Higgason said. "A cat's got retractable claws, and this you can see the claws. The paws are different than a raccoon and it's definitely not an opossum."