​Corona Arch Death: Kyle Lee Stocking Falls At Landmark Site​​

The Corona Arch in Utah is a place where thousands pay tribute to remarkable landmark, but Kyle Lee Stocking lost his life while attempting to swing from it.

Stocking, 22, was killed by a stunt that others made famous through viral videos posted on YouTube. He fell to his death while trying to swing from a rope tied to the Corona Arch.

“[The] length of rope to swing from the arch was miscalculated and when [Stocking] swung under the arch, he struck the ground … receiving fatal injuries,” Grand County Sheriff’s Lt. Kim Neal said in a statement.

The Corona Arch, near Moab in Utah has become something of a landmark destination for adventure seekers. The Salt Lake Tribune dubbed the arch as “the granddady of all cheap thrills” last year.

Many viral clips of people swinging from the arch have reinforced the stimulating activity. A video titled, “World’s Largest Rope Swing,” which features several people performing the jump, has racked over 17 million views in YouTube since it was posted in Feb. 2012.