Crafton Family Seven Years At Sea Aboard 43-Foot Boat

By: Jennifer Hong
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 3, 2021

Not every family can spend seven years at sea, but Tom and Kathleen Crafton did.

Crafton family seven years at sea on 43-foot sailboat. The Crafton family spends nearly seven years on a boat at sea. Seven years is a long time for the Crafton family, but had a great time at sea.

The family of five traveled across 30,000 miles in 83 months. "We just seemed to get along better the longer we were out there," Tom Crafton, 50, formerly a family psychologist stated about his family. "The day we moved onto the boat, the sibling rivalry stopped. I don't think they ever complained, not once," he added.

He and his wife Kathleen, an ICU nurse, had achieved two-career success in Anchorage, Maryland. However, they both were left feeling empty and frustrated. "We looked at each other and said, 'What the hell are we doing?'", Tom Crafton said in a statement. So in 2003, the family sold their assets, learned how to sail in Florida and set off in the endless open sea.

According to the couple, they lived happily in a cabin the size of a bedroom. "I would never trade the time we had to raise our kids out there, seeing the world through their eyes, being together 24/7," Kathleen stated. "But now it's time for them to come back and learn more about their own country. They need to start their own lives," she stated about her 15, 18 and 22-year-old children. "And plus," she laughs, "we're flat broke."

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