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Cuba Launches Duplicate Facebook Social Site

12/03/2021 01:58 PM ET

Cuba Facebook Social Site -Cuba has launched a Facebook copy social web site called RedSocial, and it’s making Mark Zuckerberg’s lawyers squirm, but there’s nothing they can do about it.

Cuba, a nation where just 2 percent of the population has an internet connection, has quietly launched a Facebook wannabe, a “virtual meeting place for Cuban universities,” according to a screenshot of site on the Cuban blog “La Chiringa de Cuba.” The site even contains the word “Facebook” in its domain: facebook.ismm.edu.cu.

In Cuba, internet usage is largely limited to academics, students and state workers. The cost of internet access at tourist hotels is prohibitive for ordinary Cubans who earn about $20 a month.

Univision called the new site the Cuban government’s “latest attempt to squeeze the information flow in Cuba.”

“The site mimics the look and feel of Facebook, replacing the … famous depiction of all continents linked by its service with an illustration of the island, with Cubans only connecting with fellow Cubans,” Univision reported.

In “Chiringa de Cuba,” Carlos Alberto Perez Benitez wrote that he was quite moved by Communist Cuba’s version of Zuckerberg’s brainchild. His blog was republished on the state-run CubaDebate website.

“It appears to be an idea of the Ministry of Education, but what is clear is that a light bulb has gone off for someone who didn’t want to miss out on the social network revolution by creating an almost perfect copy of Facebook, only that this one is very Cuban and accessible via the national intranet,” he wrote in Spanish.

Perez Benitez added: “If this works or not remains to be seen.”

Cuba, which tightly controls information on the grounds of its longstanding political feud with the United States, launched its answer to Wikipedia last year with an encyclopedic site called EcuRed in which posts are updated by users.

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