​Czech Republic Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets​​

A Czech Republic woman has given birth to quintuplets for the first time in the country, officials at Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child said.

The quintuplets of four boys — Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin — and a girl — Terezka — were born by cesarean section on Sunday in the Czech Republic.

Zbynek Stranak, chief doctor at the neonatal section of the institute says the birth took place “without any complications.”

Stranak says that Alexandra Kinova and her five babies have been placed at an intensive care unit. He says the babies who were naturally conceived have a 95-percent chance to grow up healthy.

Their mother, who is from the town of Milovice, about 20km (12 miles) north-east of the capital, Prague, already had one son.

She originally believed she was pregnant with twins, but in March doctors upped it to four - and then five in April.

The father of the quintuplets was present at the delivery despite his train being delayed, according to the newspaper Ceske Noviny.

“I was crying all the way since I feared I would not manage it,” he said.

Kinova who is from Milovice, a town located northeast of Prague, already had a son.