Dad: 30 Kids, Child Support Should Be Paid By State

05/27/2012 08:13 AM ET

A Tennessee dad who has fathered 30 kids with 11 different women says he can no longer keep up with his child-support payments. In fact, he wants the state to pay it because he simply an’t afford the payments.

Back in 2009 FOX did a report on Desmond Hatchett when he revealed at the time that he had fathered four kids in one years time, twice, and had promised he was done.

Now after another 3 plus years and 9 more kids, Hatchett claims that he only makes minimum wage and half of his check is held back, to be divided among the 11 mothers he has had children with and cannot support himself.

Hatchett’s children range in age from as young as a toddler to 14-years-old, with each mother receiving anywhere from as little as $1.49 a month to as much as $309 month, depending on their own financial situations coupled with the maximum that Hatchett can be made to pay.

Hatchett has filed a petition with the state in hopes, they will bail him out of his obligations after failing on several occasions of making the scheduled payments.

“Yes, we’ve got several cases with Mr. Hatchett,” Melissa Gibson, an assistant supervisor with the Knox County child support clerk’s office, said with a sigh while adding she wishes there was some type of law that could be enforced to make Hatchett “keep it in his pants.”

Hatchett does claim that he knows all 30 of his kids, including their names, ages, and birth dates.

However, he did not know if any of them or their mothers were receiving governmental financial assistance.


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