​David Kuo Dies After 10-Year Battle With Brain Cancer​​

By: | 04/08/2021 09:07 AM ET

David Kuo dies in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday April 5, following a 10-year battle with brain cancer.

The 44-year-old American author and evangelical Christian served as a Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives from 2001 to 2003.

Prior to joining the Bush administration, he was the policy adviser to Republican Sen. John Ashcroft and a speech writer for conservative Republicans Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson and for Republican Sen. Bob Dole.

After leaving the White House in 2003, Kuo described the Bush White House as having sought political gain through the manipulation of religious faith and called the initiative a “sad charade.”

Kuo was of Chinese and European descent and an evangelical Christian since high school; however, while attending college at Tufts University in the late 1989s he considered himself a liberal.

Besides his work, family, and faith, Kuo enjoyed bass fishing. He is survived by his father John T. Kuo, his mother Marilyn Dunlap, his wife Kimberly McCreery, and his four children.