Deadliest Mine Disasters

By: Rob Adams
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 25, 2021

Deadliest mine disasters around the world include China, France, Japan, UK, and South Africa.

Deadliest mine disasters. The top 5 deadliest worldwide mine disasters include China, France, Japan, UK, and South Africa. China holds the record for the most disasters for mining.

The absolute worst mining safety record belongs to China. Hundreds maybe even thousands die each year in China due to their poor safety procedures. They will not release the death toll number.

The worst mining disaster of all time was in Honkeiko Colliery, China in 1942. 1,549 miners died in a mine operated in Japanese occupied Manchuria. In addition, the Japanese are likely culpable in this accident, they treated the Chinese as sub-human slave labor.

The second worst was the Courrières mine disaster, Europe's worst mining accident. It caused the death of 1,099 miners in Northern France on March 10 1906. This includes the deaths of many children.

The third deadliest mining disaster was in Omuta, Japan in 1963. This explosion in a coal mine killed 447 people. The fourth was in Senghenydd, Wales, Uk. It took place on October 14, 1913. This was the worst of the Welsh coal mining diasters, leaving 438 men and boys dead.

The fifth mining disaster belongs to Coalbrook, South Africa. This one took place on January 1, 1960, leaving 437 casualties. A large section of the Clydesdale colliery at the Coalbrook mine near Sasolburg, Orange Free State, caved in and trapped 437 mineworkers underground in the worst mine disaster in South African history.

There were no survivors. They had no machines in the country that were capable of drilling holes large enough through to rescue the people. Following this incident, the Chamber of Mines decided to purchase a suitable drill that would make it possible to reach men trapped underground in coal mines.Deadliest mine disasters. (need another sentence) The top 5 worldwide deadliest mine disasters include China, France, Japan, UK, and South Africa.