​Denver Snow Storm Threatens 16 Million People Across Plains, Colorado

Denver Snow Storm
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Apr. 17, 2016

What on earth is causing a Denver snow storm in the middle of spring? The weather is still threatening more than 16 million people across the Plains and Colorado as heavy rainfall and snow continues to hit the region

The snowstorm has stalled over central Colorado that brought heavy snow to parts of the state and Wyoming and rain to Oklahoma and Texas is dumping more snow in the Rocky Mountains, the Denver Post reported. The wet snow, paired with heavy winds, could cause power outages and downed trees across the area.

Forecasters say the ongoing storm will linger on Sunday as the center moves slowly toward the Colorado-Wyoming border. Higher elevations in Colorado accumulated up to three feet of snow by Sunday morning, and Denver faced between eight inches and a foot, Michael Palmer, a lead meteorologist with the Weather Channel, said.

More than 800 flights out of Denver International Airport were canceled on Sunday due to bad weather, the Associated Press noted. More than 3 million people were still under storm warning in the area on Sunday.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is warning of possible danger from avalanches as new snow continues to pile up. Just earlier this week, Colorado was seeing balmy temperatures of 70 degrees.

AccuWeather said four feet of snow has fallen between Denver and the Continental Divide, and a winter storm warning remains in effect for southeastern Wyoming, where up to 20 inches of snow was expected along the southern Laramie Range. The storm system has already dropped more than seven inches of rain in Frederick in far southwestern Oklahoma.

Palmer said a “copious” amount of rain is expected to fall in the Plains, with up to eight inches falling in Texas and western Nebraska. About 12 million people in the Plains are under flash flood warnings and watches or other severe weather warnings tied to storms. Regions in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska have picked up double the amount of rainfall expected to fall in all of April in just two days.

More rain in the area could bring flash flooding, and Texas and Oklahoma could also face tornadoes and large hail, according to Weather. com. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on Sunday that the Texas State Operations Center was on high alert.

“It is crucial that Texans stay clear of rising waters and heed warnings from state and local officials, who stand ready to assist and support communities impacted as this weather system passes through Texas,” he said.

Conditions will taper off by Sunday afternoon, although snow can continue into Tuesday in the mountains of Colorado. Temperatures will remain in the mid-30s on Sunday, gradually increasing each day until Wednesday, which will see a high of 60F in Denver.

The 4/20 Denver rally to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in Colorado this weekend was postponed in part due to the weather, KDVR reported.

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