​Dog Five Miles: Trapped Under PT Cruiser​​

By: | 07/07/2021 07:37 AM ET

A dog rode approximately five miles last week before a South Florida couple decided to see why their PT Cruiser was handling a bit ruff. A dog was trapped between the axle and the steering mechanism.

Rescuers from the Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue team eventually extricated the dog on a street in Dania Beach, and miraculously, he was found to be uninjured.

“It was literally like an Indy pit crew,” Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “This dog must have nine lives.”

Apparently, the dog, earning the nickname “road dog,” went unnoticed for miles, getting an uncomfortable trip to the beach.

“They realized the engine wasn’t purring - in fact it was actually running a little ruff,” Mike Jachles said, of the Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue.

The dog was found trapped underneath the hood of a couple’s car.

Broward County’s technical rescue team was called out for the rescue, and extricated the pup from between the steering mechanism and one of the axles. It took two minutes to free the dog.

Fire officials say the couple stopped after realizing they had company.

The dog was taken for quite a ride; the couple drove through three cities before they realized they had company.

“Hallandale beach to Dania Beach - so that’s three cities if you count Hollywood in the middle. You got to go through Hollywood to get to Dania beach, so it could have been anywhere from a 4, 5, 10 mile trip,” Jachles said.

He was carried away by firefighters to get checked out and given some water after working up quite a sweat in the south Florida heat. The dog was taken to the vet to get checked out. It’s not clear if the animal was a stray.

But rescuers say he looked just fine.

“It appeared outwardly that there were no injuries. This was one lucky dog who actually had more like nine lives,” Jachles said.