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Dog Named Cisco Killed By Austin Police

04/20/2012 11:09 AM ET

A dog named Cisco was killed by an Austin, Texas police officer after responding to the wrong address for a domestic dispute call. and shot and killed the home owners dog, Chief of Police Art Acevedo is calling the outcry of complaints and threats over the dog incident the work of a “mob mentality.” The domestic abuse call actually was for a home next door to Michael Paxton who owned Cisco, his pet dog.

When officer Thomas Griffin came to Paxton’s door with his gun drawn on him, the animal spooked them with commotion and started to bark. Griffin’s dash cam caught the incident where the officer was yelling at Paxton to get his hands up and get his dog before firing a shot.

Ever since the incident the police department has been inundated with a flood of complaints. The department issued an apology to Paxton for the mistake but defended Officer Griffin, “We are not going to second-guess our officer,” Sgt. David Daniels told KXAN. “He is distraught about this.”

Still the complaints, some harsh kept coming in, leading to Acevedo making a statement on the issue which read, “As to the mob mentality I reference [...] sorry, but when people are calling us and directing profanity laced insults and threats toward our employee(s) in writing and on telephone calls, I can’t think of how else to describe it, While I expect to be subjected to public scrutiny, I don’t expect people in this department to be subjected to the treatment they are receiving.”

“We aren’t ignoring the tragic death of Cisco the dog,” Acevedo added. “We are conducting a comprehensive review of the incident to include the officer’s actions, as well as our protocols/training and will report our findings to [the dog's owner] and the community we serve.”

Officer Griffin meanwhile has been reassigned from his regular duties for his own safety until a full investigation of the incident is performed and has yet to receive and disciplinary action.


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