​Dougherty Gang Siblings Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison

Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

The three young siblings who were dubbed the “Dougherty gang” from Florida, have been sentenced to 35 years each in prison in Georgia after a cross country crime spree that included shoot-outs with police and bank robberies.

The “Dougherty gang” included, Ryan Edward Dougherty, 23, Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 27, and their sister Lee Grace Dougherty, 30, a former topless dancer.

The three siblings were the subject of a nationwide manhunt last year after robbing a Valdosta, Georgia bank. They were also accused of shooting a Florida police officer before the Georgia robbery. Afterwards, the trio fled to Colarado were again, after a high-speed chase, had a shootout with police.

Each of the siblings received a sentence of 35 years and eight months in the Georgia case. In addition, they will have to serve five years of supervised release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Georgia said on Monday.

The trio got away with $5,168 from the Georgia bank and will be responsible for paying back $1,738 each.

The Dougherty gang still will face charges in Florida for the police officer shooting. Prior to the Georgia sentencing the three were sentenced to prison in Colorado for their crimes there.

Dylan Dougherty Stanley was sentenced in Colorado to 32 years for first-degree assault, while Ryan Dougherty received 18 years on five counts of felony menacing. Lee Dougherty got 24 years for felony menacing and attempted first-degree assault.

As part of a plea bargaining agreement the trio will have the first two sentences in Georgia, and Colorado, and they will run concurrent along with any sentence they receive in Florida.

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