​Duchess Kate Strolls to the Store and Goes Shopping​​

August 27, 2021

The Duchess appeared to have taken advantage of the store’s Quick Check system, by which Kate goes shopping and then uses a hand-held device to scan purchases. The Duchess is also a smart shopper.

The Quick Check system even lets the Royal family monitor what they are spending as well as saving time at the checkout, although the bill is unlikely to have been a big concern.

The reusable green canvas bags are considered more environmentally friendly than plastic ones. She also packed items into a cream bag emblazoned with the words London Calling.

Among items that could be seen poking from at least five bulging bags were a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white and two pizzas.

The Duchess was swinging keys in her hand as she strolled through the car park and was thought to be driving her own car, although royal protection officers would have been waiting discreetly in a back-up vehicle.

She has been regularly spotted shopping at Waitrose. The first time she was photographed after her April 2011 wedding was at one of the stores.

The Duchess looked very slender, which isn’t surprising because she didn’t put on much weight when she was pregnant. She had her hair in a ponytail and wore sunglasses on top of her head, which really completed her conservative ook.

Since the birth of Prince George on July 22, the Duchess has spent time with her parents in Bucklebury, Berkshire.

Her father, Michael Middleton, took some family photographs there, showing the Duke and Duchess cradling their son alongside their cocker spaniel, Lupo, which were released earlier this month.

Prince William and the Duchess are living on the island of Anglesey in Wales until September, when they will reportedly move to a Kensington Palace apartment in London. At last week’s Anglesey Agricultural Show, Prince Willliam spoke of his time on the island fondly.

“I know that I speak for Catherine when I say that I have never in my life known somewhere as beautiful and as welcoming as Anglesey,” he told a crowd in his farewell speech.