​Duchess Kate Hair Twirling: Kate Middleton Controversial Twisting​​

November 13, 2021

Duchess Kate Middleton stole the headlines once again about her hair and how she was twirling it at a public event. The 31-year-old wife of Prince William was spotted giving it a twist during Remembrance Day, according to a Nov. 12 report by eCanadaNow.

Kate was on hand Sunday to help other members of the royal family lay wreaths, greet vets, and wave — all pretty standard royal happenings.

This time, however, the Duchess dared to move during a public event with cameras catching Kate twirling her long brown tresses around her finger.

“How dare she!” some cried, while others chalked it up to yet another completely adorable and totally relatable move from the Duchess.

Kate, who’d covered her apparently greying roots with a black beret, was joined by the Duchess of Wessex and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence to watch the parade. The mum-of-one, who gave birth to son Prince George in July, was also sporting a smart buttoned-up black jacket and gloves. Kate looked on as husband Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Edward, the Queen and Prince Philip laid wreaths at the foot of the monument.

William, 31, included a touching note to fellow Sandhurst cadet Lieutenant Joanna Dyer and his mentor at the academy Major Alexis Roberts, who were both killed in action in 2007.

The royals looked serious and pensive as they observed the two-minute silence.