​Body Of Mom Found In Trunk Of Car Using GPS Device, Baby Is Fine​​

Ebony Jackson’s body, an Oklahoma City mom, was found in the trunk of her car, four days after her 3-month old son was abandoned at an apartment complex in Missouri, according to Breckenridge Hills police.

The mom’s car had been parked for several days in north St. Louis and the discovery came after Jackson’s infant son was found in a car seat at an apartment building.

Jackson, 30, of Oklahoma City left the home she shared with the baby’s father last Wednesday, leaving a note saying she needed space, her cousin, Tondra Mosley of Los Angeles, said.

After traveling to the St. Louis area to visit relatives, “she told my mother she was staying with a friend,” Mosley said.

The family recognized television pictures of the abandoned baby, the newspaper said, and police intensified the search for Jackson.

“Someone out there knows what soulless people did this. Please come forward to let us know,” family spokeswoman Linda Lawson said Tuesday outside the Breckenridge Hills Police Department.

The baby was taken to an area hospital and determined to be in good health.

The man who claims to be the father traveled to St. Louis earlier this week to take a paternity test. The results of the test are pending.

Police have known that Jackson’s 2004 Mitsubishi Galant was equipped with a GPS tracker as part of its financing. Investigators obtained a court order Tuesday morning to activate it, which led them to the 4400 block of Elmbank Avenue in north St. Louis.

At least one neighbor along the desolate city street, lined mostly with vacant lots and crumbling houses, said the car had been there for days. The car had Colorado license plates, contrary to an early alert posted by a relative that the registration was in Oklahoma.

The car was towed to the St. Louis County police crime lab in Clayton at about noon. Breckenridge Hills police, who ran the missing-persons investigation, obtained a search warrant to open the trunk just before 5 p.m. Jackson’s decomposed body was inside, police said. The cause of death was not immediately determined but was presumed to be foul play.

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