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Erika Cooper Takes Advantage Of ‘Drunk’ Diamond Theft

04/27/2012 08:19 PM ET

New York Police are in search of a hooker named Erika Cooper after taking advantage of a drunk precious gem dealer and stealing $500,000 worth of diamonds from him.

Kurt Kaiser, 47, says he was drowning his sorrows in several vodka and sodas at a city bar after losing out on a big deal to sell the diamonds, on Tuesday April 17th.

Kaiser claims that he was finishing his last drink when the 34-year-old came up to him and asked if she could join him. He replied “Hell Yeah!” And after a few more moments, Cooper had convinced him to have sex with her at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

According to the report, on the way to the hotel, Cooper and Kaiser stopped at a CVS store where she used Kaiser’s credit card to purchase a box of condoms and a $500 gift card. Kaiser and Cooper then had sex at the hotel with Kurt passing out afterwards.

When he awoke both Cooper and $500,000 worth of diamonds were gone. Police say that surveillance video from the hotel shows Cooper leaving the hotel while Kaiser slept. Apparently, Cooper had given Kaiser her real phone number which police used to identify her, by matching the number with a previous mug shot that Kaiser positively identified.

Kaiser claims that he was drugged by Cooper, so he would pass out, and she could get away with the gems.

Police are still looking for Cooper and are asking for any information that would lead to tracking her down. Kaiser also had to explain the incident and how the diamonds were lost, to his two business partners.


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