​Fake Nuns Cocaine Bust In Colombia​​

Three fake nuns were arrested in Colombia recently and are accused of hiding cocaine in their habits. The women, ages 20 to 37, tried to sneak through Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport in San Andres Sunday.

Fake Nuns Cocaine

The woman arrived from Bogota, according to Colombia’s national police.

Each woman carried two kilos of cocaine underneath the clothes, according to a police statement.

Video recorded by police show the women nervous and crying while being interviewed. Later, somehow the women lost their habits as video footage show them being led to police cars wearing street clothes.

The women face charges of trafficking, manufacturing and the bearing of narcotics, police said.

The drugs the women were smuggling would be distributed in more than 60 thousand doses, police said.

San Andres is a Caribbean island which belongs to Colombia. Colombia in recent years has made strides against drug cartels, but the country remains a top supplier of cocaine to illicit markets.