​Farm Dogs Maul Irish Tourist In Malaysia

Staff Reporter
Aug. 16, 2013

Farm dogs maul Irish tourist in northern Malaysia. Farm dogs attacked and mauled an Irish tourist who was visiting Teluk Bahang Saturday. Maurice Sullivan, 50, and his 28-year-old Polish companion, had arrived to become volunteers.

The two volunteers were taking pictures of the durian trees planted at the farm. The owner, known only as Teoh, 41, said the two got well acquainted with his dogs since their arrival. They were seen playing with the two pets hours before the attack.

Teoh said in the incident, the kanines, which are tame, were not tied and the two tourists, who got to know each other through an Internet chat room, had just come down from his house, located at the hilltop and from the scene of the incident.

“My wife, who was inside the house, suddenly heard the sound of dogs barking and when we went to Maurice’s rescue, it was too late,” Teoh said. “It never crossed our mind that the two dogs, which were very friendly with Maurice yesterday (Saturday), could maul him to death.”

The dogs were surrendered to the state Veterinary Services Department for further action.

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