​Florida Accountant Sex Slaves Leaves Neighbors Bewildered

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June 15, 2021

A Florida accountant was arrested for keeping sex slaves, a human trafficking operation that went unnoticed for more than a year despite other arrests. Florida law enforcement officials made several visits to his home.

According to The Inquisitr, Timothy Deegan, 53, had guns and regularly threatened the women with violence. “Naturally people are curious how this man met these women — and got them to stay in his home with him,” the site said. He met the women on a website for an escort service.

Deegan remained behind bars on Thursday on a $300,000 bond following his arrest on June 13. Neighbors said they were bewildered how he kept sex slaves despite two related arrests, and numerous law enforcement visits to his home. He allegedly forced the women into prostitution form his home in an upper-middle class community of Gainesville.

“Where are the people that are supposed to keep these people out of circulation?’ said George Shorter, president of the local homeowners’ association.

Records showed the CPA had a coke problem dating back to at least 2008, when he was charged with possession and keeping a shop for drugs, according to the New York Daily News. “Deegan ran a small accounting company with his name on it, Deegan Professional Tax Service,” the newspaper said. No one at the firm has commented on Deegan’s bust, according to the Gainesville Sun.

In addition, there’s other evidence of Deegan posting a video of himself having sex with the women online, according to Becky Butscher, a spokeswoman for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

“They were not able to leave because, number one, they were in fear,” Butscher said.

The Florida accountant will plead not guilty, his lawyer said. “There is nothing Mr. Deegan did do with these young women that was not consensual on behalf of the women,” lawyer Stephen Johnson said.

Deegan maintained control of the women by threatening them with weapons, and setting traps in his house where he monitored their movements with video cameras, Butscher said.

When the Florida accountant used the women as sex slaves to perform services, he kept track of them through GPS devices on their phones and then took their money, Butscher said. The women were recruited from an online advertising site, and were drug addicts who Deegan supplied with cocaine and crack cocaine, Butscher said.

Butscher said the sheriff’s office in the year before the arrest responded to or logged calls from the house 11 times, and received additional calls from neighbors, including one about girls in a fistfight.

Deegan was charged in December with sexual battery after one of the women called Alachua complained he videotaped himself having sex with her while she slept and posted it online, according to the sworn arrest complaint about the Florida accountant and his sex slaves. In April, he was arrested on a drug charge, according to the complaint.