Funny Ways To Quit Your Job

We have compiled a list of some funny ways to quit your job. Have you ever wanted to leave your employment while leaving a good memory? We have what you’re looking for.

Of course, there is the classic way to quit your job which entails putting in your two weeks’ notice and quietly clearing your office space, but why not put some pizzazz in it by busting into your boss’s office shouting, “I QUIT.” This would be especially funny if your boss was a strict employer who always demanded obedience.

If you feel that would suffice then maybe you could some of these other methods. One way to quit your job would be to sleep at your desk. Going in early for work is always a pain, so why not catch up on some sleep? If your boss proceeds to fire you then job well done. If not, heck keep on sleeping.

If these two simple methods don’t work then maybe it’s time to raise the bar. How about making a move on your boss? Of course, this couldn’t work for everyone, but it’s a good idea to try.

There are also other options that could possibly pose further problems for you, but these would leave the best memory for your fellow workmates. Coming to work naked would be a classic way that everyone thinks about quitting their job, but never has the guts to do it.

One guy recently went out in style when a customer on a flight was a little unhappy. The flight attendant had enough as he ended up cursing the customer out, taking a beer, and sliding down the plain chute. He was later arrested, but what a great way to go out.