​Gabbiee Swainson: Detectives Find Gabbiee Remains​​

August 10, 2021

Gabbiee Swainson’s killer, Freddie Grant, led police to where he buried the 16-year-old’s body nearly a year ago. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the search for Gabbiee is over after Grant led investigators to a wooded area in South Carolina to locate the missing teen.

Gabbiee Swainson

Investigators flew to collect Grant from a Kentucky federal penitentiary Thursday morning and brought him back to Elgin, where he led them to her burial site.

“This wasn’t a ‘whodunit,’” said Sheriff Lott at a press conference. “Almost immediately we were able to determine Freddie Grant was the man responsible for kidnapping Gabbiee. The challenge was we couldn’t find Gabbiee.”

Gabbiee vanished from her home August 18, 2012, and when her mother returned home that morning, she found Gabbiee’s beeping alarm clock, but no sign of her daughter.

Grant, always the lone suspect, was arrested soon after on ammunition charges when investigators found shotgun shells and .38-caliber bullets, which he was prohibited from having thanks to a previous conviction.

Two days later, he was charged with kidnapping. Now, he will be charged with murder.

Police, who have not speculated on a motive, believe Grant forced Gabbiee out of her mother’s home in Columbia and took her to his home in Elgin. He had a key to the Swainson house because he was once Elvia Swainson’s boyfriend.

Lott said they had searched the area where Gabbiee’s body had been buried, but she was concealed too well. The body was taken to the Richland County Coroner’s Office, where it was positively identified.

Lott said the County is ready to “go to court today” to charge Grant with murder. He was sentenced in April to 212 months behind bars on the ammunition charges, and has not faced trial for the kidnapping charges.

Gabbiee was an honors student at Ridge View High School when she disappeared. She was just days away from starting her sophomore year.