Georgia Men Wanted To Use Ricin In Terror Plot

11/03/2021 08:03 AM ET

Georgia Terror Plot - The terror plot included a Georgia confederate flag activist. The men, all aged 65 and over, were recorded telling an FBI informant that they wanted to kill federal judges, Internal Revenue Service employees and agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to court documents.

The whole terror plot is pretty ridiculous, but what’s also interesting is the men behind it. The affidavit names four individuals, Samuel Crump, Frederick Roberts, Ray Adams, and Dan Roberts. According to Crump’s Facebook page, he is a big fan of a number of conservative grassroots and astroturf organizations, including Americans for Prosperity.

“There is no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly, highly illegal: murder,” one of those charged, Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, Georgia, was recorded telling the informant about the plot.

“When it comes time to saving the Constitution, that means some people have got to die,” he added.

Another one of the terror plot men, Samuel J. Crump, 68, of Toccoa, Georgia, is accused of saying he wanted to make 10 pounds of ricin and disperse it in Atlanta and other cities, as well as loosing it from a car traveling on Interstate highways. Ricin, made from the castor bean, is a potent toxin, though it is not generally believed to be effective for killing large numbers of people.

The United States attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, Sally Quillian Yates, said, “While many are focused on the threat posed by international violent extremists, this case demonstrates that we must also remain vigilant in protecting our country from citizens within our own borders who threaten our safety and security.”

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