Ghost Train Hunter Killed On Crash Anniversary

By: Michael Stevens
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 28, 2021

Ghost train hunter killed after investigating a legend of haunted screams.

Ghost train hunter killed on crash anniversary. A ghost hunter was investigating a legend of a haunted train when he was killed. The ghost hunter was there because local residents claim to hear screaming train passengers that are haunting the area.

A ghost hunter in North Carolina was walking along the supposedly haunted train tracks on a 100-meter long trestle when an oncoming train struck and killed him. Twenty-nine-year-old Christopher Kaiser and a dozen other amateur ghost hunters were on the tracks early Friday morning hoping to have ghostly sightings of a train that derailed at the site 119 years ago. Instead a real train with three engines and one car turned the corner towards them.

Everyone except Kaiser was able to run away unscathed. Before being hit and falling 30 meters off the trestle and into the ravine below, Kaiser pushed a woman away from the train. She was airlifted to hospital but her condition is unknown. Most of the ghost hunters are from out of town and some fled the scene because they were trespassing on railroad property.

On Aug. 27, 1891 a passenger train derailed off the trestle near Statesville, NC and sent 30 people to their deaths. Legend has it that every year on the crash anniversary, the sounds of screaming passengers could be heard on the bridge. It is a mystery that still haunts the local area to this day.