​Grandfather Shoots Father During Violent Family Dispute

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July 10, 2021

Grandfather Shoots Father - An 11-year-old boy picked up a shotgun and shoots his 84-year-old grandfather dead. The boy was allegedly sticking up for his father, according to police. However, the father turned and shot the boy.

Police believe the altercation began with the victim, Lloyd Woodlief, who entered into an argument with his son, 49-year-old Lloyd Peyton Woodlief.

“Vance County sheriff’s deputies responded around 7 p.m. to an address there after getting a call about a fight, Sheriff Peter White said in a news release,” CNN reports. “When they got there, deputies found two people shot,” the site said.

The first victim was the grandfather, Lloyd Woodlief, who lived at the Kittrell home. He had been shot once with a 12-gauge shotgun and “died shortly thereafter,” the sheriff said.

His son, 49-year-old Lloyd Peyton Woodlief, had been shot with a 22-caliber pistol, added White. The resident of nearby Henderson, North Carolina, was being treated at Duke Medical Center in Durham as of Tuesday afternoon. The other person involved was the 11-year-old grandson of Lloyd Woodlief, who was shot by his father during the dispute.

The investigation is ongoing. The boy has not been identified. Charges are pending.

It’s not clear what the boy will be booked with. But state law in North Carolina does not allow children 13 and under to be tried as adults.

Melissa Thomas said her father and brother have had trouble getting along for years. She said it all came to a head Monday night, when Peyton showed up at her father’s house near Kittrell.

Thomas said Peyton walked inside and pushed Lloyd into a back bedroom.

“He pulled out a club, like a policeman’s club stick, and told him he was gonna beat him to death with it,” Thomas said. From there, she said Peyton put up the club and grabbed Lloyd’s shotgun. Lloyd told him to put it down and reached for his pistol.

“‘I’m not gonna let you hurt me,’” Thomas described her father warning Peyton. “And so Peyton, my brother, reached over, put a shell in the shotgun and give it to his son, Daniel, and said, ‘If he shoots me, I want you to kill him.’”

Thomas says her dad told Peyton to leave, but he didn’t. “He steps again,” she explained. “My dad shot him. He shot him five times.”

Immediately, another sound of gunfire, this time it was from that shotgun deputies say her 11-year-old nephew fired.