​Illinois Shooting With Police: 5 Dead​​

An Illinois shooting leaves 5 victims and 1 gunman dead. The shooting took place in the town of Manchester and the suspected gunman was killed by police.

Illinois Shooting 5 Dead

The slain family members were identified by relatives as Joanne Sinclair, 65, her granddaughter Brittany Luark, 22, Luark’s boyfriend Roy Ralston, Nolan Ralston, 5 and Bradley Ralston, 1, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Cassidy Ralston, 6, is in the hospital in serious condition according to Brad Teeter, Sinclair’s son-in-law. There have been no further details on the extent of the young girl’s injuries.

The suspected assailant, identified by relatives as Rick Smith of Roodhouse, Ill., about five miles from Manchester, died after he exchanged gunfire with police during a chase, Manchester Mayor Ronald Drake said.

“The guy broke into the house,” Teeter said. “I couldn’t tell you about the guy, never met him. … He apparently broke into the home of my wife’s mother and shot everybody inside.”

According to a neighbor, Smith was going through a custody battle with Sinclair’s daughter. Smith was stopped shortly before 8 a.m. Wednesday, about 10 miles from the scene of the shootings, after a brief chase, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“This shows tragedy can happen anywhere,” said the Rev. Robin Lyons of Manchester United Methodist Church, one of two churches in the community.