Iowa Lake Vanishes - Delhi Gone

By: Jennifer Hong
Staff Writer
Published: Jul 26, 2021

Lake Delhi vanishes in Iowa after just 24 hours of a dam breakage on Saturday.

Iowa lake vanishes in 24 hours, unbelievable scene. Lake Delhi disappeared as a dam broke and the waters were dispersed over Delhi, Iowa. The dam finally broke open on Saturday as evacuation sirens went off.

In recent days up to nine inches of rain were saturated in some areas of northeastern Iowa. Bring record heights to Lake Delhi and the connecting Maquoketa River. The Maquoketa Lake raised as high 23.92 feet, more than two feet higher than the previous record.

Saturday afternoon before the dam finally broke open, warning and evacuation sirens went off. The emptying of this nine mile long lake may leave as many as 700 private residences without homes. The residents are now attempting to clean up and salvage anything the flood left behind.

Many people are still in need of rescue. However, it is believed that there were no lives lost. The Delaware County residents are being asked to remain off of the streets until they are checked for safety.

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