​ISIS Paris Attacks Video Surfaces To Celebrate Mass Murder By Terror Group

ISIS Paris Attacks
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Jan. 25, 2016

The ISIS Paris attacks is now in a graphic video by the terror group to celebrate the mass murder. The Paris attacks took the lives of one hundred and thirty people on Nov. 13 at a soccer stadium where people were enjoying a concert, according to New York Daily News.

Titled “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” the ISIS video is almost 18 minutes long and shows news footage and several men practicing before the mass murder. The terror group identified nine men who carried out the Paris attacks, using their ISIS aliases, but it’s not clear if all of the men identified are the same as those named by authorities in the aftermath of the attack.

ISIS Paris attacks celebrated in new terror video

ISIS Paris attacks celebrated in new terror video

Several of the purported fighters are featured in the video speaking against the West before the attacks. An audio message, attributed to the attack’s “ringleader” Abdelhamid Abaaoud, says, “We will not stop fighting you in every part of the world, regardless of whether you are on a tourism trip or a work trip, or are fast asleep in your homes. So expect more.”

Others attempt to incite others to carry out their own mass murders that are similar to the ISIS Paris attacks. The video then shows the very gruesome beheading of seven people, at the hands of several of the alleged Paris attackers, at an unidentified location presumably prior to the Paris attacks.

One hundred and thirty people were killed Nov. 13 in three coordinated attacks in Paris that targeted a soccer stadium, a concert hall and several restaurants. All nine attackers are believed to be dead.

At the end of most of the messages, the militant kills a prisoner. The identities of the victims are not known.

ISIS appears to signal in the video that its next target could be the United Kingdom. Footage shows Britain’s Prime Minster David Cameron and the vote in the British House of Commons last year in which the United Kingdom voted to join the anti-ISIS coalition conducting airstrikes on Syria.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron

Last year, it was reported that intelligence obtained by European security agencies indicated ISIS was aiming to attack the United Kingdom in a follow-up to its Paris operation, citing a senior counterterrorism official. The intelligence suggests British ISIS fighters have been tasked by senior ISIS operatives in the so-called caliphate to return home and carry out an attack.

The ISIS Paris attacks video was uploaded to a recognized terror group channel and purports to show some of the Paris attackers wearing camouflage fatigues while training in an unknown desert location. The men, speaking in French and Arabic, addressed their message to “all the countries taking part in the coalition” that has been carrying out airstrikes against the group in Syria and Iraq since September 2014.

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