​Japanese Teen Escapes Kidnapper By Punching Captive In Groin - Locked In Room For Two Years

Japanese Teen Escapes Kidnapper
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Mar. 29, 2016

Japanese teen escapes kidnapper from his apartment after being held for nearly two years. Police said the girl’s disappearance from her hometown in Saitama, near Tokyo, when she was just 13, was major news in Japan at the time.

Japanese authorities said the now-15-year-old teen escaped from Kabu Terauchi’s apartment in downtown Tokyo on Sunday while he was shopping in Akihabara, a district known for technology and comic book geeks, according to NBC News. Saitama police said the teen, whose name was withheld because she is a minor, told investigators that she escaped when her captor forgot to lock the door.

The teen was seen wearing a sweat suit and sandals in the cold weather when she called home from a pay phone at a train station in downtown Tokyo. Her mother reported the call to authorities, who raided Terauchi’s apartment.

The Japanese teen who escaped her kidnapper told police she was abducted by Terauchi on her way home from school in Asaka, Saitama Prefecture, in March 2014, and that he had kept her prisoner ever since.

The Japanese teen was reported missing by her family two years ago, after being seen speaking to a young man near her home, now believed to have been Terauchi. Her family later received a handwritten note, which read: “I need a little break from home and from school. I’ll be at my friend’s house for now. Please do not come searching for me,”

The Japanese teen told police she had been locked in Terauchi’s apartment ever since, unable to contact her family as he “always kept close tabs on her.” The Japanese teen finally managed to escape his flat on Sunday after he left her alone to go shopping and forgot to lock the door. She ran to Nakano Station, downtown Tokyo, where she used a payphone to call authorities who found her in the street.

The kidnapper was captured by investigators in the early hours of Monday near a forest west of Tokyo. He was bleeding from the neck from a minor self-inflicted injury as a result of a failed suicide attempt. Japanese authorities plan to formally arrest him on suspicion of kidnapping.

Terauchi attended a Japanese university during the years he allegedly had the Japanese teen in captivity. He graduated this month and even had a job offer.

Police said the Japanese teen who escaped from her kidnapper made a bold move. She made the escape from the kidnapper by punching him in the groin. The was always locked inside and closely watched, but was not tied up or put in chains. He sometimes took her outside but always closely watched her, according to Japanese authorities.

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