​Jeffrey Hillman Not Homeless, Shoeless Man Has Home​​

Jeffrey Hillman made headlines as a homeless, shoeless man, this past winter when a New York police officer purchased a pair of boots and socks for him, but he is not homeless at all.

According to Rev. John Graf of Bedminster, who pays the Army veteran’s utility bill, he has a home and 30 pairs of shoes. However, he has been working the streets for years.

The New York Post reports that Hillman was counting a stack of cash on a Bronx-bound subway train from Times Square on Sunday night.

The Post also reported Hillman, who has an apartment in the Bronx, was barefoot wearing a sign that read “Homeless” in Midtown Manhattan earlier in the week. The 54-year-old veteran told the news outlet he never asks for cash and that people simply give him money when they see him barefoot.

“I choose not to wear the shoes. Is that a crime? No! My feet haven’t fallen off yet,” Hillman told the Post.

CBS New York recently went to Hillman’s apartment in the Bronx and asked him about accepting the boots in the first place.

“I sure didn’t force him to do it, sir,” he told the news outlet.