​Kidnapped Baby Found: Parents Spot Kidnapped Baby After 17 Years

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Mar. 3, 2015

A kidnapped baby has been found after she disappeared 17 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa. The baby, kidnapped almost two decades ago, appeared in court to face the people she used to call her parents. The stolen girl’s biological parents, Celeste and Morne Nurse, were reunited with her in South Africa after she was enrolled in the same school as her sister, according to Examiner. After seeing the pair’s likeness, the biological family invited the girl for coffee and then contacted police.

DNA tests have confirmed the identity of the girl, who has been placed in the care of social workers. Nurse said his daughter was receiving extensive counselling. His wife told CapeTalk radio it was “like a dream” to see her daughter again.

“When she met Cassidy [her sister], there was just an incredible connection and it started from there … Her birthday is on 28 April. This year we can celebrate it with her. It will be her first birthday with us and we have to plan something very big.”

Kidnapped Child Lived In Same Town

A relative of the alleged kidnapper told reporters outside the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court: “We grew up with the child, we took care of her.”

The couple responsible for the kidnapped baby who was found were soon arrested. The woman and her husband, who live in the Cape Flats, have no other children. The woman, aged 50, is being charged with kidnapping, fraud and contravening the Children’s Act, in that she fraudulently pretended that she was the biological mother of a child, police said. Her case was postponed to March 6.

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, the Nurses’ second daughter, born four years after Zephany’s disappearance, started Grade 8 at a school in Cape Town this year. Classmates kept telling her there was a girl in matric who looked just like her. The two girls became friends and eventually the younger girl’s father pretended that he wanted to meet his daughter’s new friend.

“All the time she has been right under my nose … It was seriously heartbreaking … She told me that her hangout at weekends was mainly the place where we went to, which was shocking.”

Baby Grows Up To Be Found

The likeness was remarkable in the kidnapped baby case in South Africa that he approached police. They investigated and interviewed the older girl’s parents but could find no record of her birth according to the information they were given. They got permission to take DNA, and confirmed it was her, notes People.

The kidnapped baby who was found is very emotional. A person close to the family said there were emotional scenes when the girl found out that the people who raised her were not her biological parents.

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