​Kidnapped Texas Boy Gets ‘Welcome Home’ By Siblings​​

Kidnapped Texas boy Miguel Morin arrived at his new home in suburban Houston on Friday to four pizzas and a group of siblings eager to accept them into their family years after he was snatched from his parents’ home as an infant.

Morin, now 8 years old, was able to move permanently into the home of Junita and Joseph Auguillard thanks to a judge’s ruling Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. The home isn’t unfamiliar to him. Morin, who’s been in foster care since he was found in March, has been spending weekends and holidays there since November, and the Auguillards are the legal guardians of his two sisters and two brothers.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here,” the soft-spoken Joseph Auguillard said as he waited for a caseworker from Texas Child and Protective Services to drop Miguel off for the last time.

Morin was kidnapped when he was 8 months old. Miguel’s former baby sitter, Krystle Tanner, and her mother, Gloria Walker, have been charged with kidnapping and injury to a child in his 2004 disappearance. They have pleaded not guilty and remain in jail.

Morin is moving into the Auguillard’s small, single-family home in Channelview, a town about 16 miles east of Houston. He joins his brothers and sisters, as well as eight of the Auguillard’s own children.