​Killeen Police Shooting: 2 People Killed Near Killeen Mall​​

By: | 07/15/2013 04:51 PM ET

Killeen, Texas police officers went to the complex after a man was reported shooting at people with a gun. One police officer is dead, and another is wounded after the shootout with a man armed with a military-style assault weapon.

Killeen Police Shooting

The suspect also was killed at the Grandon Manor Apartments, near a local mall. Tactical officers went to the complex about midnight Saturday after a man was reported threatening people in the pool with a gun. A police statement says officers found the man in an apartment and tried to talk him out when he fired one shot.

Police say the man then came to the door with hands up but wouldn’t come out. He backed deeper the apartment, grabbed the rifle and began shooting at officers, wounding two, one fatally.

Identities have not been released.

A spokeswoman for the police department said this is a tragedy the community is not accustomed to.

“Back in May, we just did a memorial for the city marshal that was killed in the line of duty in 1917 — that’s the last time an officer was killed here. So, we’re having to take this one step at a time. It’s… we’re all grieving, the family’s grieving. You know, we’ve got a great officer that is going to be deeply, deeply missed. A good guy, a good officer, a good husband, good son, good brother,” said Carroll Smith, Killeen Police Department. “There is an investigation, and right now we want to get the other officer well.”

The surviving officer underwent surgery Sunday. When the shooting occurred, police were responding to a call that an armed man had threatened residents in an apartment complex. The case is still under investigation.