​Kissimmee Mom Arrest: Police Find Dog Feces During Mom’s Arrest

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 30, 2014

A Kissimmee mom arrest was made after her 10-year-old son told his teacher that he never takes a bath.

According to The Spreadit, the mom had not cleaned her home in the last six months. Deputies contacted the boy’s mother, Betsy Velasquez, who allowed them to look inside her home. Authorities said the home was in deplorable conditions.

Deputies witnessed dog feces covering most of the floors, moldy dog food and dirty clothes scattered about the house, with no explanation from the mom when asked about the mess.

Neighbor Israel Velez told WESH they can’t believe it that the Kissimmee mom was arrested:

“Having five kids is a lot of responsibility, but if she was doing that I don’t think she is mentally capable to handing five kids.”

The Kissimmee mom arrest happened when a Ventura Elementary School teacher noticed one of her students was coming in late every day unwashed, and had a strong smell coming from his clothes, said Twis Lizasuain, a spokeswoman for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

The student told Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies he did not have any clean clothes, Lizasuain said. The 34-year-old mother is caring for five children, ages 8 to 14, and seven dogs. Investigators found old soda cans littering the floor, and the tub was filled with dirty water.

After the Kissimmee mom arrest, deputies charged her with child neglect without great bodily harm. The Department of Children and Families put the children in the custody of relatives. The Osceola County Animal Services picked up the seven dogs.

The investigating deputy reported there was “an overwhelming, appalling smell emitting from Ms. Velasquez’s person and also an even stronger stench coming from the front door of the residence.”

There wasn’t much food inside. The deputy found bottles of beer. Velez said:

“If she had Corona, she should be able to have food for her kids. It’s irresponsible on her part.”

The Kissimmee mom arrest isn’t over. Animal control officers said one dog was in such bad shape they didn’t think it would live through the night. Velasquez may also face charges for animal neglect and abuse.

In 2009, Velasquez was fined $104 for leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, court records show. Soon after the Kissimmee mom arrest, she posted bond and was released from jail, but refused requests for comment.

DCF officials released the following statement:

“We are involved and investigating the case. The kids are with relatives and have not been taken into protective custody at this point. Case remains active and ongoing. The agency will continue to gather information and assess the family situation and circumstances.”

Another Kissimmee mom arrest was made earlier this year when a 32-year-old woman burned her 4-year-old daughter’s hands. Police charged Yashira Estrella-Ramos with aggravated child abuse. The child was able to demonstrate how her mom burned the top and bottom of her hands.

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