Lauren Scruggs Gets Prosthetic Eye, Major Step To Healing

02/03/2021 08:30 AM ET

Lauren Scruggs is still recovering from tragic injuries from a Texas plane accident in December, she lost her left eye and hand and is suffering pain at night, but she was fitted with a new “beautiful” prosthetic eye and is now potentially getting a prosthetic left arm as well.

“It is beautiful,” Lauren Scruggs’ mother, Cheryl, wrote on a website where she has kept friends and followers updated about her daughter’s recovery, the Daily Mail reports.

“Jeff, myself, Lo and Britt showed up at 9 am at the ocularist,” Cheryl wrote using her daughter’s nickname.

“We didn’t know what to expect, other than it would be an all day process from 9am-5pm Another new step,” she said. The mother added, “She was fitted and measured. The ocularist carefully painted and shaped the new eye. By 5pm, it was done, and her new eye was in place.”

Lauren, 23, has been recovering for nearly two months since she accidentally walked in front of a plane propeller after taking a ride with a friend to see the Dallas Christmas lights from the sky.

Two weeks after the tragic accident, doctors decided that they had to remove Lauren’s eye.

Though her parents have been actively updating her friends and family through their Caring Bridge website and television appearances, Lauren made her first public appearance on January 17.

She was seen walking out of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas wearing a patch over her missing eye and a Cowboys football hat pulled low.

The prosthetic eye is a major step in her healing process, but she does have a ways to go.

Her mother said that while some of the physical pain that she used to feel while trying to sleep- which she described as ‘ferocious’ at the time- has begun to lessen, Lauren needs now to move on to her other forms of recovery.

“Lo’s physical pain has subsided a great deal. It is now the emotional pain that is the tough one,” Mrs Scruggs wrote.

Lauren’s story has fascinated the country, and even drawn support from unexpected sources.

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