​Leo Vergara Gun Hospital: 18-Year-Old Arrested After Firing Gun In Hospital

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December 31, 2020

Leo Vergara fires gun in hospital before a security guard, who is commissioned by Sunnyside police, wrestled the suspect in an effort to disarm him before police arrived. The bizarre incident occurred on Saturday morning when Vergara entered the Sunnyside Community Hospital, according to KIMA TV. A hospital spokesperson said no injuries were reported.

“No visitors, patients or staff members in the hospital were injured … Our team responded quickly and proactively.”

Authorities said the Leo Vergara has been arrested and charged with first degree assault. Officers responded to calls around 4 a.m. of gunshots being fired inside the facility by Vergara. Vergara made a court appearance on Monday and was being held on $100,000 bail for suspicion of assault.

The security guard required stitches for a head wound he sustained while struggling with Vergara. The suspect originally fled the scene but was arrested a short time later. Sunnyside Community Hospital CEO John Gallagher said his team probably saved lives.

“Patient and staff safety is our number one priority, and our security officer truly acted heroically in making sure our patients and our staff members were safe.”

Leo Vergara fired his gun in the hospital as he demanded to see a law enforcement official when he walked into the hospital’s emergency waiting room. According to a court affidavit, police said they believe he wanted a cop to fatally shoot him, according to Daily Sun News. The 18-year-old became very hostile and fired the gun when hospital personnel did not meet his request.

Sunnyside Community Hospital officials said the medical facility was put into lockdown mode after the altercation in the emergency room waiting area. The lockdown was lifted at about 3 hours later. Counseling services are being offered by the hospital to all those who witnessed the incident.

In a similar story of the Leo Vergara gun in hospital incident, NewsOXY reported last year that a man in Reno, Nevada ran into a hospital with a gun and shot multiple people. The shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the Renown Regional Medical Center. Two other people were wounded in the shooting and another were in critical condition.

This one reason why hospitals across the country have stepped up security. It all stems from a Pennsylvania doctor who was grazed by gunfire from a patient in his office at a suburban hospital last summer. The suspect not only injured the physician, but killed a caseworker at the scene.

Sunnyside Community Hospital is located in Washington state. The hospital has a 24-hour emergency room, seven-bed Intensive Care Unit, Medical Surgical Floor, Family Birth Center, Operating Rooms, Laboratory and state-of-the-art MRI. Other services include respiratory therapy, pharmacy and registered dietician.

The hospital is a private, non-profit facility owned by the Sunnyside Community Hospital Association. An unpaid board of trustees governs the hospital. Management services are provided by HealthTech Management Solutions.

Leo Vergara’s gun in the hospital incident will haunt many workers for a long time. The facility is located in a low-crime district. Vergara faces serious prison time for the incident.

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