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Mammoth Clone Bone Marrow May Bring Back Extinct Wooly In 5 Years

12/04/2021 08:29 PM ET

Mammoth Clone From Bone Marrow - The Woolly Mammoth could be resurrected within five years by cloning it after finding a well-preserved bone marrow in a thigh bone recovered from permafrost soil in Siberia.

Teams from Russia’s Sakha Republic’s mammoth museum and Japan’s Kinki University will launch fully-fledged joint research next year aiming to recreate the giant mammal, Japan’s Kyodo News reported from Yakutsk, Russia.

Securing nuclei with an undamaged gene is essential for the nucleus transplantation technique.

By replacing the nuclei of egg cells from an elephant with those taken from the mammoth’s marrow cells, embryos with mammoth DNA can be produced, Kyodo said, citing the researchers.

For scientists involved in the research since the late 1990s, finding nuclei with undamaged mammoth genes has been a challenge.

The scientists from the Sakha Republic’s mammoth museum and Kinki University’s graduate school will begin research next year to regenerate the huge mammal, which became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

But the discovery in August in Siberia has increased the chances of a successful cloning.

Global warming has thawed ground in eastern Russia that is usually almost permanently frozen, leading to the discoveries of a number of frozen wooly mammoths.

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