​Man Dies After Dental Surgery On Wisdom Teeth

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 8, 2014

A man in San Diego dies after having his wisdom teeth extracted.

Marek Lapinski, a former Duquesne University football player, went into his dentist for a routine dental surgery and unexpectedly died three days later, on March 21.

WPXI reports, Mr. Lapinski, the former vice president of T3D, a San Diego company specializing in tactical 3D equipment and cameras, was transferred to a Los Angeles hospital over the weekend where he died.

Lapinski’s Patient Care Report stated that he began to wake up coughing during the procedure, and was given Propofol. The 24-year-old allegedly had surgical gauze in his airway, which was causing him to cough.

Two pieces of gauze were removed, but the surgical team was unable to remove a surgical cone from Lapinski’s airway, the report stated.

When Lapinski stopped breathing, paramedics were called to the dental office.

Attorney Clark Hudson, representing Paul released a statement saying, “Mr. Lapinski’s complications occurred despite the fact there were no apparent contraindications for his oral surgery, routine anesthetic medications were being used for the procedure, and immediate measures were undertaken to revive the patient as soon as the patient began to decompensate.”

“In talking to the nurse at the hospital, from what they told me, he was given way too much anesthesia,” said Marek’s mother, April Lapinski.

“He’s going to leave a legacy that’s just tremendous. It’s just crushing now because we’re all looking for a reason,” said Lapinski’s cousin, Dustin Hook. “He was the most driven and passionate person I knew.”

“I’m just so glad he did what he wanted to do to make himself happy,” said Hook.

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