​Man Released From Jail Richmond: Man Back In Jail After Release​​

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February 27, 2021

The man mistakenly released from jail in Richmond City has turned himself to the Sheriff’s Department on Feb. 27. The U.S. Marshal’s Office confirmed that Charles Evan Kelsey was back in custody.

“Kelsey surrendered shortly after Sheriff’s deputies, working with members of the community, were able to locate where Kelsey had been staying since his release,” Richmond City Sheriff’s Office spokesman Major Jerry Baldwin said. “He reported with members of his family, and hugged and kissed them goodbye before surrendering to Lt. Col. Clarence Woody, III and Captain David Jackson.”

Kelsey, who was convicted of attempted murder in Richmond last month with a jury recommended 10-year prison sentence, was released from custody last week due to a clerical error.

While official sentencing was scheduled for April, prosecutors nolle prossed other charges Kelsey faced in which he was denied bond.

As a result, court documents showed Kelsey was released from jail Feb. 19 because “jail records did not reflect the charges of which the jury convicted defendant.”

CBS 6 Legal Analyst Todd Stone said it is standard practice for a judge to revoke bond when a jury finds someone guilty and sentences them. Stone said in this case it appeared bond was never revoked. Accordingly, the sheriff’s office followed the court’s order.

“If the bond was not revoked and the defendant was on a PR bond then they must let them go,” Stone said. “In fact they can not keep them if they are ‘released on a PR bond’ on paper.”

Florida Inmates Mistakenly Released

In October, two Florida men were mistakenly released from a prison with forged documents, authorities said. Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker walked out separately in the Florida Panhandle. There are both convicted murderers.

Corrections Secretary Michael Crews said his agency is “conducting a vigorous and thorough review of releases that were based on modified court orders received from Orange County to ensure that there are no other inmates who have been released based on falsified documents.”

However, the escaped murderers were caught four days later and arrested without violence. They said a news conference convinced the men to turn themselves in. After his release, Walker hung out with family and went to church. Jenkins returned to Orange County with relatives wearing new clothes they bought on the way to pick him up from the prison.