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Meow The 39 Pound Cat Dies Of Lung Failure

05/08/2021 02:43 PM ET

The cat named, Meow, who was made famous in raising awareness in pet obesity, because of his 39-pound weight has died of lung failure.

Meow was only 2-years-old and amazed shelter workers when he was turned into a Santa Fe, New Mexico animal rescue shelter last month. It was joked about how Meow had a liking for hot dogs and was so big he would constantly get stuck in things.

After the initial joking though, Meow’s story was used to identify a growing obesity problem in America where pets are now starting to reflect the bad habits of their owners. The weight that Meow was carrying is the equivalent of a human weighing 600 pounds, according to experts.

Meow’s 87-year-old owner had turned the cat into the shelter because they could no longer properly take care of the obese cat. Even after just a month in their care the workers at the shelter were upset over losing Meow.

“We are so heartbroken,” Mary Martin, executive director of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society told the Los Angeles Times. “He had such a big personality. We all fell in love with him.”

The shelter placed him into a foster home on a strict diet in hopes to have him drop enough weight to be adopted by a permanent family. The plan was to have his weigh-in’s broadcast to raise awareness of pet obesity.

Meow started to develop breathing problems last Thursday, and a vet had ordered a round of tests to find the cause, but his condition worsened quickly and was brought into the veterinarian hospital on Friday, where four different vets came to try to save the cat before he died on Saturday.

The shelter’s Facebook page read on Monday, “Meow had been doing so well in his foster home; walking up stairs and seeking affection — that it is so very hard to believe he is gone. We will forever be grateful for the attention Meow’s size brought to pet obesity and to animal shelters across the country.”

“We are especially grateful to all of you who fell in love with this charming cat, as we did, and were so very interested in his progress and success.”


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