​Michigan Man Wins Jackpot Worth $80 Million​​

September 8, 2021

A Michigan man reportedly took a few vacations this summer without realizing he had won $80 million, enough funds to basically take a permanent vacation. Dick Zelasko went on a few golf outings and with the winning lottery ticket in his wallet.

“That would have been a terrible time to lose your wallet,” Zelasko said in a release for the Michigan Lottery.

He bought the ticket at John’s Market in Troy, and was the winner in a Mega Millions Lottery jackpot on July 5. John’s Market gets a $50,000 commission for selling the ticket.

Zelasko reportedly scanned the ticket at a Michigan Lottery verification device, which told him to contact lottery officials. He then put the ticket back in his billfold and then went about his business, not thinking it was a winner.

It was not until Aug. 13, when he checked the ticket online, that he realized he was now a multi-millionaire.

“I thought someone was playing a joke on me,” Zelasko said. “We paced and paced all night.”

Zelasko said he is thinking of buying a new house and car with the money. His largest previous winning ticket yielded $20.

Despite the big payoff, he said he plans to continue to play the lottery.

Zelasko is the second Michigan Mega Millions jackpot winner this year. Judy Juntunen, of Atlantic Mine, won a $19 million prize in the February 5 drawing.