​Michigan Highway Sniper Shoots At Cars On Two Freeways In Rural Areas

A Michigan highway sniper fired upon vehicles on two freeways that led police to uncover more cases dating between July 29 and August 21. Investigators are on the hunt for the suspect who targeted as many as six vehicles along I-94 and I-69 in rural areas near Battle Creek, according to ABC News.

The sniper targeted the vehicles during the night and in broad daylight. Michigan police confirmed the damage found on one car was consistent with a bullet.

Law enforcement said that other cases also likely resulted from the use of a weapon. No one has been reported injured.

Michigan highway sniper targeted vehicles on I-94

The Michigan highway sniper targeted motorists driving on I-94 and I-69, who then notified law enforcement that their vehicles sustained damage from some type of projectile, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office said. Authorities say that drivers who think they’ve been shot at by the sniper should not stop their cars, but instead, they should drive to a safe place and call 911.

Other possible hits happened on I-69 south to the Indiana border. Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Saxton stated that people in Metro Drive who have driven through that area from the end of July through last week may have also been hit and did not know it.

This is similar to a highway sniper case in Metro Detroit in October of 2012 when cars were shot at 23 times in Oakland, Livingston, Shiawassee and Ingham counties. Raulie Casteel, 44, and a father of four, was convicted of terrorism in Michigan and would later plead no contest and mentally ill to other charges.

He’s doing 18 to 40 years in prison. Authorities on the new case have been in contact with Wixom Police who were the first to handle the I-96 corridor shootings.

The Michigan highway sniper is being sought by a team of 14 investigators, who are working full time on the case. If you’ve found suspicious damage to your vehicle, contact police.